Hardsid & Renoise


I have a Hardsid quattro board with a 6581 and 8580 chips and wanted to use it with Renoise, can you give me a little explanation-a-six-year-old-would-understand on how to hook things up? Thanks!

I would love to if i had a hardsid board, but hardsid is serious specific hardware so if only for bumping the topic back up to the list, i hope some1 else having a hardsid AND renoise could tell you anything clearer about the possibilities of this card here.

From my basic knowledge, the hardSID was designed to receive specific CMOS 6581 instructions and is actually supported to play C64 specific code-files.
Renoise doesn’t know anything about specific 6581 related addresses to perform noise generation. But i don’t know how the card’s audio drivers are assembled.
It might be they are generally set up but it might also be they need a specific initialisation code so the drivers know that the software was specifically designed to control cmos 6581 code (or it’s C128 sid-chip)

Hardsid has a midi driver, so maybe you just have to select it as a midi device in instrument settings? I’m have been thinking of buying one, so plz tell how it works out… :)

“Hardsid has a midi driver, so maybe you just have to select it as a midi device in instrument settings?”

Probably. I did choose Hardsid midi synth and it did play a note when I tapped a key. :blink:

Here’s the link to the “Hardsid MIDI” manual (it may be of help): http://www.hardsid.com/HSMIDI.htm

I’m currently lusting over this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnTh4e0b-ic

Like to try and build me something similar next year. The hardsid has been mentioned to me as well, but have to dig into what it is!

oh yeah, i’ve been :eek: over this fora while.

so sexy.