Hardstyle Section For Renoise Website

Greetings, I am starting to make hardstyle music and it seems the Songs section of renoise does not have a hardstyle genre to upload songs to.

Im sure it doesn’t take much coding, so do you think you could put a hardstyle genre in the renoise songs part of the website so myself and alot of other hardstyle composers can happily find a nice place for their music to be discovered and enjoyed by others.

The reason i bring this up is because hardstyle is not hard trance, hard house, or trance, it is hardstyle, the dark side of electronic music, the black trance.

Thanks in advance, hope you consider my idea.

The whole songs site still needs a great overhaul… It did not had too much priority so far though :)

If you consider hardstyle the dark side of electronic music you have some seious exploring to do :D

only if we get softstyle too


I consider hardstyle to be a softer version of HC mixed with trance. We sometimes call it The Trance for Deaf People. As deaf people usually use hardstyle tracks on their dance parties. (Music can be better felt without hearing thanks to heavy kick).

The dark side of electronic music? I don’t think that’s fair for styles like hardcore, darkcore, ebm, industrial, dark ambient, and mixtures of all those genres. :) Generally the darkness depends on artist rather than specific genre.

ok ok then, forget what i said about it being the darkside, that has nothing to do with my request.

I just think that hardstyle is popular and well known enough to be in the songs section. :D

Hopefully my fellow renoise users feel the same way.