Hardtechno Producers


Just wanted to check if there are any here producing (or learning to produce) hardtechno?
I’ve been messing around with renoise for about a year now. Would be awesome to share some ideas etc.


Hey krixa, I use Renoise to make hardcore tekno, it issn’t exactly hardtechno but there is a some overlap I guess. Renoise is awesome for for-2-the-floor tracks! Most of the time I start by laying kicks, and adding effects etc

I’ve been wondering about this as well. I’ve been experimenting with some Angerfist type influenced sounds and ending up with more of a splittercore feel than hardtechno. I would love to hear if anyone has any finished songs in this fashion!

Can you give some examples (YouTube links perhaps) of some tracks that you consider to be ‘hard techno’ ?

Genres are weird and seem to vary from place to place, so that one man’s ‘hard techno’ is another man’s ‘hard house’ or ‘hard trance’, for example. It would be great to hear exactly what you’re talking about. :)

Of course:

Sorry for terrible audio quality… but you’ll get the point!

Yea I know genres vary some times. I’m speaking of the genre also (earlier more known as) Schranz. I wrote hardtechno in one word instead of “hard techno”, but there might be different opinions on that as well :)

Here are a couple of variations of a track I was working on last year. It’s not quite the full-on schranz sound, but maybe you’ll enjoy some of it.

I like to dabble in that area too from time to time. First track is more the softer stuff and second one probably hardcore/darkcore already.



Hello i’m new here ;) This is simple track i made last friday. Its more like hadrstyle/jumpstyle. Well im not strict with style rules.


I’ve heard them before, you url:ed them on #renoise a couple of weeks ago :)

Here’s my attempt so far:


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