Maybe somebody likes it…

Maybe not…


Thanks for listening

It’s allways nice to hear things, good or bad.

feel free, I won’t cry, just like to know what other people think of it.

it sounds intresting!
but as techno basically relies on sound design, impact and sonical strength, it’s really hard to judge whilst listened through the infamous myspace player.

linking the xrns / mp3 would be quite handy to get a better impression about the track.

so now i got the 128kbps mp3.
the tune featues the typical verb-in-offbeat-kinda kickdrum which naturally adds some healthy drive to the whole. you occasionally have a break here and there after which the kickdrum gets triggered with a little bit less attack than it usually has. i think it would have a greater impact if it wasn’t like that (see pos.: 0:38).
there is some nice sidechaining going on throughout the entire track where everything else ducks to the kick. suits the track real good and you didn’t overdo the effect. on the mastering side the entire mix could have some more punch and clarity, but i guess you explcitly were after a pretty dirty and filthy sound alltogether?

as a sucker for such techno, i’d really not mind to hear this track in a club. i think it works well as it is alltogether, with the only downside that it maybe lacks the certain characterstic something that would make it unique and stand out of the crowd a bit more. solid stuff nonetheless!

Sounds exactly like the stuff I want to listen to at Defqon1-Festival Almere.

Nice and hardstylish-sounds.

Thanks for listening and the replies.

Those replies are the things you can learn from, when you make music, your convinced your doing the right thing, otherwise you would do it different.

Thanks for the tips keith.