Hardware Midi Automation

hi all there …I just hooked up my hardware …clavia nord modular and yamaha A4000 sampler …an it seems
that the generated midi automation is verry steppy …meaning not smooth …
I create the automation with the automation curves ( not numerical … )…So controlling the cut off of my nord modular results in a verry steppy …behaviour …also same problem with other hardware …
The results are even worse when the automation is generated by the effects column ( I know this is due to the actual playbackspeed of the tracker …)
Anyone knows how to solve this problem …I love renoise …but I also love me hardware … <_< <_<

If steppiness is clearly steppier than in other sequencers then it’s because renoise automation curves work on tick timing basis meaning that on the speed 3 you have 3 ticks/row, meaning 3 values of midi data can be sent to midi device during playing one row. So to increase resolution you need to make one row play faster. This means increasing bpm. I suggest you try to double it up. This means twice the resolution, only you have to expand your tracks to double. F.ex. on speed 3 and bpm 107 you have 8 rows/beat (meaning 38=24 ticks), but with bpm 214 you have 16 rows/beat if you want to make 107bpm song (316=48 ticks respectively, doubling the resolution of automation curves). On pattern command level with double bpm you still don’t achieve even the resolution of half bpm automation curves, so pattern commands are really not the way to make anything smooth.

And after all this there’s still hard coded midi limit of 128 different values. Even that can sometimes be too little, so it’s best practice to try to use lfo’s and envelopes as much as possible opposed to manual modulation whenever possible.

Is it possible to write midi data to automation envolpe wihout writing data to pattern?