Hardware Sampler ?


i own a akai - s2000 and i would like to know if renoise is a good soft to drive it ?

Can i have a full MIDI control interface ( LFO, ADSR etc … ) ? like a mixermap in cubase ?

And the classic commands of a tracker in “Effect row” will they affect my sample store in the akai ? i would like to use the arpeggio command to make some raw form in the akai sound like some old chip chords …

Is anyone using some hardware sampler on renoise there ?


you should use your sampler as a MIDI instrument in ReNoise.

However, commands like arpeggio won’t have any effect on sampler’ sounds because they are only affected by MIDI commands.

THX.for your reply … i’m a bit desapointed … i dont know if i’m gonna purchase it … i’ll try it first …

Do you know another tracker who could send arpeggio commans to MIDI samplers like i describe it ?

Or maybe a tips to make my akai sound like that in renoise ?

to do such a thing, you really can’t do anything else than extracting the WAV files from AKAI CD’s (it is actually possible to do this) and load them directly into ReNoise.

Actually, there is a “translate trackers’ arpeggio to MIDI” feature into ReNoise’s to-do list, but I don’t know anything more about its progress.

There is no tracker capable of doing this as far as I know.

Yes, I have one Emu E5000 Ultra sampler and one Roland W30 sampler. I barely do not use them very much nowadays though cause software samplers do the job as good as the hardware in most cases…
You can always use MidiCCMetaDevice and the command 90 to make MIDI CC changes . With that you can control and automate the most things in your sampler that is possible to controll over MIDI.
You will never get your sampler to sound like the arpeggio in renoise though if the sampler do not have any internal effect for this, but I guess you already understood this ;)

A method to do the arpeggio:

  1. set your instrument on the sampler to monophonic
  2. give it a fast portamento, so it slides real quick
  3. set Renoise speed/BPM to run pretty fast
  4. then just type in your the notes (arpeggio)

That should do the oldschool trick. Right!?

thx guyz i’ll try the old-school method and i’ll tell u about =)