Hardware Synth Modifications

Hi all,
I’e just finished an article for sonicstate on hardware modifications - I had to keep the list down so there may be a part 2!



Sweet! Thanks.

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I am close to getting my first synth so this would be a good read.Give my best to Nick Batt, tell him that he is the man!!!


Glad you enoyed it, they spoke about modified synths on Sonic Talk - I’d never heard of the KIWI mods!

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Whats your budget, what are you looking for?

If you need something small, the Volca FM is always my first recommendation!

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I was between Korg minilogue XD and the cobalt8 but the cobalt8 seems like the best option here cause it’s the same price but has 8 voices and a fatar keyboard with full size keys and a great vst editor which works in Linux by the way tested in linvst.Behringer deepmind 6 was in my radar also but I don’t like menu diving I want more hands on control

Hmm so you want a poly… I was going to suggest the bass station II - I know lots of people who love that thing. Have a look at the Waldorf stuff, it’s always well designed and sounds great.

I like the sounds of the deepmind but it was not so inspiring to use for me. You can’t really go wrong with a Korg, their stuff is amazing.

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Also microfreak is weird but super fun…maybe you want something more serious!

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Amazing synth for such a low price,if only they could fit some effects in it but i think the next microfreak will have them. Also i like the behringer ms-1.So many options these days software and hardware.

Ah mate you got no FX on your computer?!!

MS-1 is mono synth. and im sure is a beast. I have an SH101, so I spit on Behringers machine!!

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Only looking for an all-in-one keyboard and sound module?

If your open to splitting the two up, I’m going to recommend the
Micromonsta 2 and a really really good midi controller keyboard.

A good controller will map to soft synths and daw’s easily, and
then you could also plug in a sound module, like the XD or
Volca or whatever.

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I have an Alesis vi 61 and an Arturia Keystep 37 and i am selling them to get the synth as i dont use them anyway.I want a hardware synth to learn a bit of synthesis to get away from the computer screen to have hands on control, its important to me the physical touch