Hardware Tracker


check the demo video

looks cool but i cant see any advantages… I would use it only in live situations, but cant see myself composing with this thing :)

or maybe it IS desined for live use… i didnt read the info yet…

Wow, I’d love one of those. :dribble:

is this on the same line as the one yamaha was creating?

the simple demonstration looks appealing for live use, especially since you could map any location of a soundfile to the osc message it send.
i would be more interested with using it for patterns.
too bad its array of buttons are not multifunctional… (on/off is real boring)
needs more colors!!!

an yet 1 more reason for renoise and other trackers to implement OSC!!!
patterns would no longer need to be linear in this respect.

i’ll buy one if its not more then 200USD!

I wonder if you can chain them together? having 2 or 4 of them linked so that it plays through each sequence one after the other would be pretty cool.

I can’t find it now, but I remember reading that you could use several side by side. With a bit of programming skill you can set them up pretty much any way you like. I also remember seeing a picture of prototype twice as large… did they change the site or did I dream all this? :huh:

This one is nice also:


It works great with renoise (if you take some time programming it)


I don´t get this thing. I would never be able to use such a device for composing or even for livepurpose. errr, I mean I would definatly get lost ordering and juggling my sequences with a 8x8 bunch of lightened minibuttons. Maybe if there would be different colors assignable for the sequences/sequenceparts you have, then it could be interesting. But at the moment, I think it´s just a pure eyecandy.

…or did I really missed something? :blink:

you can write your own software for it, ptrance.

That’s the hook.

its a multi touch surface you use more then 1 finger.
the interface is meant to be tailored to your liking.
the lemur was the 1st complete package for controlling OSC. i paid alot of attention to this. i would have bought one too if not for the steep price.
i settled on learning to build my own.

It’s so expensive.


since no actual real hardware tracker exists yet, maybe we should brainstorm one? :lol:

i personally wouldnt want to use a touchscreen for quite a few things. especially pattern editor. mos def use the screen for sample editor.
would need to have a standard qwerty keyboard. the patern editor is the hard part. 4 columns per track. how many tracks? i guess it could be as simple as a lcd strip. tho i like seeing all of the editor. so it would be good to have the P-editor in a screen. digital sequencing with analog sound.

i agree this thread might be better in the off topic area, but if it isnt moved then. may as well continue the thread where ever it is. :D i dont know about Jonas but i personally dont care if the moderator moves threads. just aslong it makes sense! i guess the prime focus should be on why post offtopic in the renoise general discussion area. an on the other hand whos to say this thread isnt revelant to renoise in general?

if somehow my post seemed like a TO or an OT, i disagree.

the first post was interesting but it is not a hardware tracker,
(is a tracker not the product of a sequencer And sampler attached at the wrists?)

neither is the 2 year old Lemur info post.

if anything, directing the thread toward an enlightening discussion about brainstorming a hardware tracker would be completely revelant.
based on the threads title, i believe it is.

Especially so if it came to have very much to do with renoise.

It’s Daedalus’ box of tricks. I remember seeing a box very similar to this, but with smaller, round buttons, which still illuminated, but there were loads more of them (I’ve got it on my HD in fact). Pretty nifty for that kind of style, but I could only imagine it becoming pretty ‘samey’ like some of the other live gizmos I’ve seen.

I’ve played with the Jazzmutant Lemur at the MusicMesse06 in Frankfurt/Germany. Thats a really really beautiful tool. It is extremely fast in switching pages (the upper right corner buttons - to get other controllers/setups on screen) and its response is very good! The devices latency is nearly zero, and it works with ethernet. The only latency you get there is a too slow computer. Well, honestly, I had some difficulties to draw smooth envelopes using that display (the demo env drawers I could use there were too small for my fingers, but they were drawn as two waves to edit at the upper half of the screen), but you could zoom them to full screen as they told. Anyhow, this tool is extremely intuitive. To see things happen in colors below your fingers and to hear these colors at the same time - amazing.
I played half an hour and after some few minutes I didn’t care about the hostcomputer screen, and at the end I lost the feeling that there is a computer or a mouse that I have touch to. Everything was in that lsd-like-device :).

If it just wouldn’t be so damn expensive cry

absolutely it has potential!!

Especially because you can program it yourself.

Which means that you’re not limited to 64 buttons, only 64 buttons at a time (e.g. banks of buttons) and you can program combinations of buttons to do different things and such.

It looks like such an awesome, intuitive addition, though … the lemur loks killer.