Harlem Shake - The Pigs (2013)

Hi guys

Take a look at my another weird video called

Harlem Shake The Pigs (2013) - Kokošinjac

Artwork, Music & Animation by nykk deetronic [www.djnick.rs].

Music is composed in Renoise tracker [as usual]. Voice speaking “Kokoshinjac” is my wife.

For more videos plz check my channel:
www.youtube.com/djnykk or
www.tweensgame.com to play something for iOS and Android. OinK! 8)

cool =)
… i like the waves on the text for some reason

I didn`t want to receive thousands of “What did I just watch” sentences so I decided to write it down with big letters at the end :D

oh you mean… the guys saying that they have just wasted X minutes of their time or don’t know how they came to the video?

Exactly :)

Currently it has over 16.000 views [!?] Another idiotic video that will have lots of views??? :D