Harmonized Particles(psytrance)

This is my cousins work.Take a listen if you are in that kind of stuff.


Very nice and well produced, thank you for sharing. I’ll follow your cousins :slight_smile:

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Yep they are totally professional,i ve seen the songs in the daw they use,they have like 100 tracks for every song .They really go into deep detail,designing everything from scrach.

Super nice sound design. But I have one criticism: The bass and kick transients are extremely annoying, at least here. I think he should remove it. I cannot listen to it, because it, but I would like to, because so nice otherwise. I think those artificial transients, which are common in some fullon/psytrance tracks these days are a really bad practise.

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just to be curious, witch DAW?

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Studio One

I don’t understand what means “transients”, it’s about the breaks?

No, I mean on the kick and the bass. If you listen to the song very quiet, the first your will hear are those transient peaks, around 4k or so. Might be even added on an extra track.

Yes, it’s related to today psytrance to be harder with kick and bass. I personally prefer oldschool psychedelic trance with more lead melodies, but it’s only my taste.

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It means there exists a very harsh sound at the beginning of the bass and kick in this song. Maybe it is the compression settings… Something is weird with the attack

Or, I guess it could also be too much, “transient shaper,” or whatever was used…


Lovely tracks, thanks for sharing. Perfect <3