Harrison Mixbus 32C v.4

Tonight Ihad a closer look atHarrison Mixbus 32C v.4

Seriously. HOLY SH*T what agreat sound you can get from mixingyour audio tracksin this software!!

Highly recommended to check out if you haven’t already, it even has Lua scripting :slight_smile:



You mean that kind of “console sound” is enjoyable ? Have A/B example maybe? :walkman:

Just download and install the demo, render some Renoise tracks, import them to Mixbus 32C and try it out for yourself :wink:


(Click the Free demo link at the right)

EDIT: Actually, I think it is anespeciallyuseful mixer for gettingthat "80’s analog sound"that isso common in e.g. theSynthwavemusic you seem to produce-- and which I have just started to explore myself since a couple of weeks ago, mostly inspired by a few “80’s” sounding artists such asMitch Murder(who uses Renoise too, AFAIK) in general andSunglasses Kid’strack "Feel it"in particular. A good combination is to do primary mixing (with side-chain et al) in e.g. Studio One Professional, using the CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper and Brainworx bx_console and then polish further on that mixing in Mixbus 32C.