Harsh as hell

I had a look at the ramblings on mixing with headphones, now here’s something weird…writing with low volume.

A while back me and an ex band member decided to work on some tracks, the only prob was that instead of getting some stuff done we played dead or alivw 3 till stupid hours and then decided to have a go at writing. The only prob was that I had to have the volume on really low so’s not to wake up other peeps.

The outcome song was named nEwLy DeAd and a listen the next day on high volume was petty strange :blink: , we had created what can only be called Acid Industrial. Pretty powerful stuff, Iv’e uploaded the brainscreamer to the songs section if you want to listen to the perfect mess .

Anybody else written in weird conditions??

(It’s not the best song, but considering it was written with practically no volume I was quite chuffed!!)


Oh well, back to being ill…


whoever had to finish his song in the enormous mess that a demoparty is :wacko:

not exactly relevant in everysingle way, but:

try ‘tracking with headphones on low volume so you can easily respond to your friend’s requests for help as he plays perfect dark on the nintendo with full volume.’ :(

the result being something that made quite a few people say “jesus gwilym this is really good, but f****ING HELL. how can you not notice how TERRIBLY out of tune the instruments are?!?!”

and later when i got the tune home to my place (i had no internet at my house; i used to OHC at my friend’s - normally he’d actually sit there and watch/listen to me making the music from start to finish. this time he found the game more intriguing, i guess), i realised what they were getting at. it was just a very painful listen; some instruments were almost a semi-tone apart! i couldn’t believe it. :blink:

which shows that i was pretty much making the song entirely by theory, with what-i-heard only being a vague guideline. which is strange.