Harsh Noise Instrument ideas?

any thoughts on how one would assemble a harsh noise instrument in renoise?


But if I understand you,there is renoise tools for that…

very harshy square sound

I am sure that another user will point you in the right direction

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I make a lot of noise leads. Sometimes I use white noise or pink noise in short loops. Macuilxochitl is an awesome tool for noise waves and fm. Try short loops of percussion sounds. FM/PM, distortion/clipping, etc. The real challenge (for me at least) is clean sounds :upside_down_face:


Activate Line input, Set microphone amplification in soundcard settings to the max. Get the mic to feedback with the speakers - sample that! :wink:

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Melodic, rhythmic, or just…noise?

1.) use a recorded sample from whatever noisy thing you can find, load it into a renoise instrument
2.) run it through one or more distortion devices or harsh filters or EQs

The art of making a harsh noise that is a properly destroying sound, but not an overly destroying sound, is to take care that there are no overly strong peaks in the sound but that all is balanced out. You might want to relax the usual “pink noise” frequency curve for music and give your sounds a bit less falloff in the frequency realm so there are proportionally a bit more highs than usual → this also can make sounds seem more harsh and aggressive.