Harware Opinion Please

I’m not really a “hardware” guy.
Most of my music gets done on a laptop, headphones, and external computer speakers.

I would be thankful if any of you “hardware” guys
could spare a few minutes and give your opinions and insights on the “price for specs”
on this portable monitor.

In short, this is being marketed as a flat frequency response portable studio speaker/monitor.

In the back of the speaker, there are two inputs, gain, bluetooth pairing,
power charge indicator (battery), DC in.

The two inputs confused me at first. Basically there’s the TRRS input and Guitar/Mic input.

However, I can not use the guitar/mic input without an iOS device.
I’d have to get an adaptor and plug it in the 1/8 (3.5mm) TRRS input instead.

Cost: 300_US 228_EUR

If I owned it, my typical use would be : Portable Mixing and Guitar Amp.
Using it primarily for mixing, laptop out 1/8 (3.5mm). No extra sound-card.
Using it as a Guitar Amp would be interesting not primary at the moment,
using Renoise and Vst effects with a pedal or two if possible.

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