Has anybody tried Fennel with Renoise?

Hi, is it possible to develop tools in Fennel instead of LUA.
Has anybody tried it? I have just found this ~nasser/8fl - The Eighth Floor -- Livecoding For Renoise - sourcehut git but i see no discussion related to this.


People have released tools with, pretty sure, compiled Lua. That is, Lua bytecode. I imagine if you can compile Fennel to Lua bytecode a tool can load it from main.lua.

I confirm that tools have been released as bytecode, so I believe that if Fennel can compile to Lua bytecode, they could be used in Renoise.

Don’t see why not, Fennel could compile to and from Lua source code (which then could be compiled to bytecode separately) or embed the Fennel compiler with something like require("fennel").install().dofile("main.fnl") to load them on runtime. The repo you linked basically uses the latter, actually!

Main caveat is setting another text editor to work with fennel code, the built-in editor has no idea what to do with them. Doesn’t even show up, actually