Has Anyone Here Ever Actually Visited My Site?

I don’t think there was ever much traffic on the site, and it was only really registered as an online file dump-space in the first place. Not much use for a file dump these days, so I’m pondering not renewing it when it comes up for subscription in a few days…

any food for thought?

I cannot answer that without a link?

Well that was actually a hidden intention of this thread, to see if anyone even knew what the site was (other than Mark and beatslaughter :P)

ah but f**k it, www.dodgyrecordings.com

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no really, I wouldn’t trade my own webspace for ANY social network, file dump, music upload site etc… but then again I can’t even let go of this, so I’m not sure if my advice counts for anything :P

yeah, I’ve been there before ^^ unless you’re seriously strapped for cash, I’d say keep it, or find a cheaper host etc.

Don’t you have stats on the site?


*warning, usage statistics may be vastly disproportionate due to spammers

oh yeah thats one other thing; spammers have been spamming faux email from my domain despite my complaints to the host

Other than that, how do you promote your site? no promotion means no visitors.
If you want visitors you need to promote for as long as you want to raise your visitations.

I suggest starting with a link in all your forum signatures… without community awareness at the very least, and even moreso, google rank, you’ve got nothing man. The site looks decent… a bit tiny. The music is great… it needs a home :D

I already knew of the domain and have been to the site a few times in the past, but I admit it’s not a place I think of visiting very often. I would mainly expect to interact you here on the Renoise forums, which is where I found out about your site in the first place (I think?), so if you had a link in your signature here as Byte suggested, I’m sure you would see a bit more traffic from some curious forum users.

Yeah, this can be a real pain in the ass, but there’s probably not much at all your host can do about it. In the majority of cases the email does not originate from your domain, or even from the network itself, it’s just spammers spoofing the mail headers to cover their tracks. They don’t seem to put much thought into the logic behind it, though, since I quite often receive spam addressed to me that appears to be sent from me. I do like a nice drink, but I’m pretty sure I’ve never been drunk enough to actually spam myself (yet), haha.

Well I don’t count, but yeah I visited the site a lot a few years back. Whatever you do, I hope you still offer your music out there to people. :D

Have you looked at http://bandcamp.com ?

I don’t know if this is common knowledge, since I see a few members with bandcamp pages, but you can set your Bandcamp site with a custom domain. You could point dodgy.bandcamp.com to dodgyrecordings.com and then have the convenience and features of bandcamp, while keeping the domain age and any existing branding that you’ve gained over the years.