Have To Go To Preferences Every Time I Start Renoise...?

Before I start Renoise I plug my MIDI keyboard to a USB port, but when Renoise then is started, I have to go to Preferences -> MIDI and select “None” and then my keyboard again before it’s active. Can’t Renoise search for the same keyboard as last, even if it’s connected to another USB port?

I can’t say I have the same problem. Do you turn on your keyboard before starting Renoise?

same as td6d: Renoise remembers my MIDI preferences correctly. does any other preference setting fail to being saved, or is this realy MIDI specific?

I connect the keyboard to the USB port and starting Renoise afterwards. This is the only problem regarding preferences.

It seems only to happen after a PC reboot.

I have experienced similar problems. You need to connect to the same usb port every time, it’s a Windows thing I think.

Yes, but Windows find it, and then the keyboard SHOULD be reachable for Renoise, just with another adress/port/id/etc…?
I think this could be a good suggestion for Renoise, that it will search for the keyboard saved in the preference.

Yeah Windows find it but it gets a new id. I think it’s a shortcoming of Windows, I at least got that impression after googling the issue. But sure, if it could be solved within Renoise… great. How do other music programs on Windows handle this? …it’s been a while since I used anything besides Renoise.

It’s long time ago I used other music programs too. I’m used to make music in a tracker program, started in the Amiga 500 (with 1 MB RAM!) days with ProTracker shedding a small tear :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine a better music composing program than Renoise(!)

Anyway, I really hope You guys can - some how - get rid of this little annoying thing. There must be others having the same problem than me…???

The device simply gets a unique ID on every different USB port you put it on. Perhaps if only one is detected and the description is 100% the same of the last known device with the different ID, a chance could be taken to assume it is that device.
This however does also mean that midi signals are sent to that device as well and in a theoretical case where one might have two of these devices of which are both separately programmed and require specific midi commands, the outcome of sending midi commands to the wrong device might disturb the midi programming of the device.

OK I see your point!
Maybe there could be an option to tick for “Auto find MIDI device”…?

It’s really not Renoise’s job to scan your entire system for USB devices that may or may not match the last controller you plugged in. So I wouldn’t expect too much from us here.

Why do you need to unplug/plug your controller every time you start Renoise? Why can’t you simply leave it connected to your system? If you don’t have enough USB ports, then surely you could invest in a cheap USB hub to solve this problem? You can find them for a few dollars on Amazon and other similar webshops.

If you leave the controller connected to your system, then Renoise will not have any problem identifying it during each session.

I use my laptop, and have a mini USB keyboard (Akai LPK25), but when I’m not using Renoise the keyboard is in my laptop bag.

Well, it’s not a big problem, and I know you are focusing on more important/useful things. :walkman: