Have To Thanks You

I must thank you guys who made Renoise a reality. It inspires my SO much to make music. And the quality - wow! I’m making loads of music now thanks to you and it helps a lot in my life right now.



Indeed, making music is better therapy than my psychologist ever was!


And a LOT cheaper!

I went from THIS :w00t: to THIS :dribble:

Renoise is Gods gift to trackers :D

So you are taking the honour away from devs and giving it to god? Or the God?

Shame, shame your ass. How many lines of code has God written?

Oh, plenty! (s)He just created this BigBang-Os with a most powerful GUI so we wouldn’nt see it… the truth is out there… the world is just a constant binary stream of complex data…

e: oh, I forgot… and ofcourse (s)He created gayness just to confuse us even more… :rolleyes:

I thought the devs are gods? :huh:
now bow down in front of them.

Don´t even think about it to… well… better take a look here. :rolleyes:

a few lines, I think.

The rest is just a result of that few lines.

God forgot to implement the AI :w00t:

God or not?

oh, I don’t think I could compose a Trance-track even if my sorry life depended on it…
Or find divinity through it for that matter…
But I just might have a go at it… :rolleyes:

HE’s a CHAOS-coder!!!

lol - you guys are crazy :blink:

When God knocks on my door (physically) I’ll give him a cup of tea, a few cookies, and thank/flame him/her/it for what he/she/it has done/not-done.

Whereas, the devs have actually given us Renoise, in the flesh. Which puts them considerably further up the chain than God, in my eyes. Thankyee devs!! ;)