Have TWO breakpoints between lines in the automation view

It’s awesome that between lines, there are points that you can drag up and down to create easing in the automation editor. But why just one?

What do you lot think of right clicking the area between points, and selecting an “add additional breakpoint” to add a second, third, etc… Then we can create complex automation curves without having to use a lot of lines in the project.

The breakpoint could be right clicked on and there could be an option to delete the breakpoint as well.

Visually, if you were to have three breakpoints it would look something like this



EDIT: So maybe adding more breakpoints may not be as logical, but I do think having two breakpoints per line would be great so you can create “S curve” automations. Think that would be a bit more logical. Would need the ability to drag on the X-axis as well though. Just to feather the intensity of the S-Curve ramp.

I think it’s probably easier for you to just add another line (and therefore another curve point) which already works within the existing system, than it is for Renoise to overhaul the envelope system again to accommodate the complexities of an arbitrary number of multi-point curves.

What exactly are you trying to do with automation that is impossible (or very difficult) to do now? Would it really benefit from the more complex system you’ve described, or could you actually get the job done within the limits of the current system? (Genuinely just trying to learn your point of view…)

Between two points a central point for curvature appears. Simply add another point between the two points mentioned. So you will have 2 points of curvature in that section. You can create more complex curves and modify them by dragging the last point you created. I think this operation is reasonable. A more complex system is not necessary.

It would only be necessary to polish the Flip button, which does not seem to work correctly in some cases. But taktik already knows this problem.

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If anything I’m thinking about S curves to maybe you don’t need 5, 11, or 24 breakpoints. Maybe two break points per line would suffice.

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