Have You Ever Had A Closeted...

homosexual f****ing stalk you at work?

Man… working on a place where 90% is females and about half of the rest are fags is though. And even most of these women are just but ugly!

I could be fing about 4 girls from work - the cute and fable ones - (if I didn’t have a gf) but there are 2 dudes all up on my grill! One is officially stalking me! I had to put an end to it today, because it totally crossed the line.

He wanted me to “get together with him to talk about some private issues he is having.”

WTF do I care?!? I’m just too much of a nice person, trying to not create an uncomfortable environment, but this is f****ed up!

have you ever been in one of those situations?


Haha :lol:

i think you should say to him that you are not gay :) your “nice person” attitude gives him too much hope :) dont tease that poor fag

true dat!

but it’s done. about 2 hours ago.

no i think my scruffy manbeard scares off the homos

don’t go anywhere ALONE with him! :blink:

For a straight guy a homosexual is about as appealing as a really bad looking girl. Cool for friends, unbearable for f****ing.

Best thing to do is just tell it as it is, “I’M STRAIGHT, I DON’T DO GUYS AT ALL EVER IN MY DREAMS, NIGHTMARES OR EVEN YOUR FANTASIES, PLEASE”. To put it in caps. ;)

'Cause, come on… They’re just men, aren’t they? Thinking with their penises, just like any other guy can do a lot of the time. Irrational behaviour happens. Tell it as it is, leave no hope for something that won’t ever happen, and get it over with.

And, on the positive side; Now you know how a girl who don’t like disgusting old men feels like, getting come-ons from disgusting old men. :P

Oh, and if he doesn’t take a hint, I’d go with annide’s suggestion. I’m no homophobe whatsoever, I just don’t trust idiots.

Some of my best friends are so damn gay, even ELTON JOHN would cry in pain :) Gay friends are really cool. Girls love them and after they notice, they do not have any chance, they turn to the straight guy - usually me :)

i was about to post at least 3 different times today, each one highly offensive toward the animals. i use to be friends with everyone, most if not all of the gays i knew were totally fake an all about glamour an pretense, that didnt bother me really i just thought it was a flaw in their character years have passed sincce then ive met lots of them some pretty damn smart an interesting to talk with but there is always a catch with them. even in prison there was a few that i could stand to be around, now however when i see something related to them it makes me sick in my stomach. it makes me remember the look on the poor fools face, most people have never seen a scrawny str8 kid being gangraped by a bunch of faggots.

hoping not to offend anyone here, but in my travels homosexuals don’t have a very good track record either. Its not a personal thing, I just keep track of behavioural patterns and they’ve been far from flattering with almost every gay man I’ve met**. The exceptions have been the older semi-closetted types who you would never pick and would never try to inflict their own fantasies or ideals upon others. Shy queers are alright in my books, but I’m hesitant to associate with the in-your-face (or should I say in-your-fathe…) types who use their sexuality as their distinguishing personality trait…


(from kizzume’s thread)
…yeah this type of double standard shit. Nobody needs to be insulted or abused over minor things by someone who’s got similar and/or worse problems of their own.

Well AVB… you might be doing something right if you are attracting both men and women. Go with the guy and see what he wants. If it turns out to be some wierd sexual enuendo that’s aggressive or in bad taste, bust a f****ing sexual harrasment suit on him. If he is simply just testing the waters to see if you are gay or interested, then just explain to him like you would to a chick that likes you but you don’t like her that your don’t fly that direction and that you are on the other team. But I promise if you do or say anything rash at your workplace, even if you are simply just trying to ward the person off… it could cause you trouble if the person has the temprement to do that sort of thing (things are still touchy with the gay community and the rest of society even though it been a facet of human nature since our very existance). Then there is the last idea… you can’t knock somethin you aint tried :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Just kidding dude. Handle it like you would handle an ugly chick who rides your heels and you should be Ok.

true. I’m yet to find one who can understand boundaries. “Talking to you doesn’t mean that I’m putting my dick up your ass.”

this concept never crossed my mind. I’m disgusted and blown away! f****ed up shit yo!

I mean I have no problem or issues whatsoever with the male gay community AS LONG AS they don’t mess up with me.

I think two things are going one with this case of mine: 1st this guy is socially weird. He totally confused my talking with him with me being a very close friend. And from his body language, I gather he is a closeted homosexual, maybe some deeply repressed gay issues. And as being socially awkward, he decided to that I’d be the right person to open up his bag of f****ed up psychological goodies.

I cut that shit out, was very diplomatic, told me he was making me uncomfortable, and that I like to keep my private and professional life separate. Recommended psychology books and professional therapy (as he was talking about his anxiety problems.)

He will probably back da f**** off now.

That is so true.

Girls go through that shit every day of their lives starting from the moment they start getting physically attractive (between 10 to 15 years old).

Can you imagine that?

So, a woman at age 25, has almost 15 YEARS of experience with guys drooling all over her, paying drinks, showering them with attention, etc.

I’ve been in some situations where a girl behaves like a needy guy (and now this dude, behaving like a need girl) and it’s annoying. Let alone going through that every day of your life for 15 years! :blink:


You know what… its little differnt i think :)

Yes, girl may not like the guy who is hitting on her, but the fact that he is hitting on her gives her an ego boost.

Girls have said to me themselves that ohh, they dont like when some not so attractive guys make a move on her, but on the other hand if she dont feel the “buzz” around her she will feel strange, like she have lost it and is not attractive anymore… and its not pleasant too.

but i dont think a gay hitting on a straight man will give him much of an ego boost :lol:

To my best observation, women like a good balance of attention, which basically involves them getting alot of attention from everyone; most guys not game to even make eye contact (except the really hot ones) but checking them out when they think they’re not being noticed, etc.
…Most women looking at them and thinking their clothes are awesome, etc. (especially the really hot ones)
It is all about ego, and not being able to put myself in their shoes I dont really know why.

But I do know this:

Every girl that wears makeup day to day wants to be a princess.

Oh man, girls are such insecure creatures. I remember going back in the dating game about a year ago and approaching this SMOKING HOT chick at the super market. We hit it off, and all, went out for a while and one day she said something that blew me away at the time.

She turned to me and said:

“what are you doing with me? You are so out of my league. I don’t even start conversations with guys like you.”

I could not believe what I had heard. This beautiful woman, saying I was too much for her. Guys, I’m no Brad Pitt, but I’m not an unattractive man either. She showed me indirectly the guns that I have at my disposal.

There was this show here called “the beauty and the geek” and one of the challenges was to see how a group of beautiful girls would perform on a club if they were not well dressed and “dolled up”. Man what a train wreck. Their confidence totally disappeared. They couldn’t do shit. Their insecurities gave such a bad vibe to people that they started being blown off. Some of this women DID NOT KNOW THE CONCEPT OF REJECTION!!! It was a VERY interesting experiment to see on video! Just amazing!

Bottom line: the more attractive a girl is the more insecure she is.

i dunno, here where i live most hot girls tend to be quite cocky and i dont like that in women very much

I wonder, is it very different from a little girl being gangraped by a bunch of straight guys? <_<

Yeah. I think the keyword here is “Rapist” not “Sexual Preference”

I can understand your feelings, but this is the same as racism. If a bunch of iraqui men gangraped a poor little white girl, are all iraqui men evil rapists of little white girls?

All sex offenders are not gay, meaning all gay people are NOT sex offenders. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

AVB: Good call telling him you felt uncomfortable, as you did.

Dear Human Plague,

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around this conundrum for years… In a threesome, who gets the load? I heard a friend say “The one you love” and another one say “The one you want to degrade”. So which one is it? The only solution I’ve come up with is using a business card on the mouth of my urethra to split the load but then i risk getting a pretty brutal paper cut on the mouth of my urethra.

The other thing I don’t want to risk is being stuck alone in the corner masturbating while the two girls i’m with discover their lesbianism. If i get my way and the girls are gymnasts but this lesbianism scenario happens, what am I supposed to do? Weird yoga poses, legs wrapped behind my neck jerking off in the corner going “Hey girls, look at me!”

I suppose this could be avoided by having a threesome with another guy, but I’m totally f****ing grossed out by this… why? When I jerk off, alone, I’m having sex with myself right? So basically I’m having sex with my own gender. It’s not like my hands are feminine or anything, they are stumpy hairy man hands. Sure, maybe I’m looking at hetero porno, but what would be the difference of me looking porno while being jerked off by a man? The smell?

Come to think of it, I’ve joked that if I could give myself a blowjob I would. I’ve also fantasized about having anal sex with a woman. Is there really some sort of physiological difference between a male and female mouth or anus?

Kill me.