Have you noticed the Tool Updater always says Automation Cleaner needs

The Tool Updater, always reports Automation Cleaner needs to be updated.

Does anybody get the same result?

This tool here: http://www.renoise.com/tools/automationcleaner

I have 1.01 installed… The one that conforms for Renoise 2.8 and above… ( march 5 2012 )

Except!! Tonight I decided to do a quick check and see if I needed to update any tools… So the auto update said I need to update, “automationcleaner,” which I thought was way weird, cause I know I’ve updated it like, “a dozen times.”

but now I figured out, the automatic updater always asks me to update the automationcleaner, no matter what…

Obviously, this is not some serious problem… but it is definitely weird!!

Win 7 x64, Renoise 2.8.1 x64

The tool updater reads the version number from the manifest.xml in the tool folder and then compares it to what is online.
There are two 1.01 versions on the tool site, perhaps it picks the 2.7 version and detects an API version conflict and therefor offers to update.
Or the manifest of the 2.8.1 Renoise version still mentions the old 2.7API version, but i doubt that because in that case Renoise should also give a notice that the tool is incompatible.