Have You Read This Article, About The Founder Of Ni, And His New Proje

I came accross this last night, while looking for Reaktor 6 info, gossip, speculation.


Very interesting, thank you for sharing!

really interesting article. I was wondering what the future was looking like for NI after breaking so much ground already.

Stephan Schmitt says:
“Nonlinear Labs is about creating tools for musicians. That might sound banal, but I think a lot of music tech has moved too far away from the idea of performance nowadays. With all that is available today, anyone can put together a “track” – and that’s a good thing – but I think the actual quality of musical performance has not been addressed enough in recent years.”

I applaud him. but still what difference does any “musical performance” make when kids will lick this kind of shit up off the floor?
Who cares about any “musical performance” anymore? I remember seeing Aphex twin “live” in the mid-90s, Richard James came out, set a laptop down, hit play and sat down on the stage for 30 minutes and it was considered a “brilliant” performance. what gives.

Very nice , thanks for sharing. I had no idea NI had so many employees, guess that explains why they make such great products.