Haven't worked in Renoise for ages but now

…I’m here again, enjoy!


So yu like like puttin Reverbs & Delayzz on everyTHING?? Then yu should check out LoFiMats crunkin //Doofer Collection ASAP!! On the Master there is a first one I canot read then the exciter n Maxi (Similar to whutt I do there to) AND What is the Delay//Rev on them Busses (also cant read)?? DANK

Smooth Azzz Beat here Homie!!

REVERB-O-MAT.xrdp (7.8 KB)
SupaaDupaaLoopaa.xrdp (26.1 KB)
SUPAH VHS.xrdp (10.8 KB)


Sorry buut one thing I dont get - Yu hav extra Del/REV on them Busses butt there are no Sends anyhow in them Tracks - or Do I miss here something obviuos?

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Sends on the hi hat and one synth to the delay and one send from snare to reverb. I’ll check your stuff when I get back to the studio, thanks mate!

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