Having a weird anomaly maybe someone can help me solve?

I have a keyboard set to output only on MIDI ch1 (both on the device and in Apple’s Audio Midi Setup (AMS)) which MIDImonitor confirms as sending out only on ch1. Then I have 3 tracks in RN, each set to receive from a different device (a padKontrol) on channels 8-10 respectively and exclusively (ie Device-PK/Channel-8thru10/Assign to track-Current).

Why is the keyboard on ch1 able to trigger the sample instruments on chs8-10? There are no track DSPs enabled. Bit of a headscratcher…?

You might want to remove your keyboard from the midi-in device list in the midi preferences and see if this gets you the more exclusivity.
Though the midi-in device should not trigger any current selected instrument if it is selected, if it does, it is hinting that one of your padKontrol instruments most likely is still set to “any” and master input.

If none of your 8-10 channel input instruments are not accidentally set to input “any” i would need to see the song to figure out what is happening.

I’m not sure if you use Renoise 2.8 or 3.0…
2.8 has this convenience overview to double check all your instrument midi-in routings:

In 3.0 this has been removed.

I think the idea was to improve this dialog somehow?
But if time does not allow that, I think it should be brought back - it really it useful as it is.

Lol! Yes, that WOULD be a way to enforce exclusivity of the PK, just remove the keyboard!
But the issue isn’t PK triggering channels it shouldn’t, but why is the keyboard triggering channels its not assigned to? In fact, it appears the exclusivity that I AM getting is only due to keyzone mapping, not because RN is filtering out unwanted channels per instrument. Even the PK, which allows a different MIDI channel per scene, triggers each sample instrument regardless of its MIDI channel. Its as if the MIDI Input module has no effect? Or there’s still something basic I don’t understand about how RN receives MIDI? I’m sure it must be something obvious. Anyway I would attach the file, but its 602K…apparently too big?
Edit: forgot to mention: yes, I am using 2.8

Well, perhaps not either, but it gives a better idea in what direction the fault might be in the software, because it still looks like a software issue in Renoise the way you describe it.

For Forum attachments possibly.
You could also use services like speedyshare. Or simply save to a new song, then delete all pattern data and just leave the instrument references in existence and resave, would also make it quite a bit smaller.

Or I could use my noggin and post it up on my gdrive!..<*gz>

Here’s a very particular question: does the virtual 10-octave keyboard shown in the Sample Keyzones tab show MIDI activity for ALL channels, or just the instrument selected?
I’m asking because I want to reiterate that, in addition to the my actual keyboard (ch1) triggering the PK instruments (ch8-10), even the PK on any given channel seems to trigger notes on instruments its not specifically assigned to, if the graphic indicators on the 10-octave virtual keyboard is any indication. IOW, a PK-scene on channel 8 will trigger notes on instruments that should only receive on channels 9 and 10.

Nevermind…after moving some samples around, I can see that while it appears to trigger graphically, it does not actually do so sound-wise until the correct channel is chosen. A bit confuzzling…

What i can see in the module is that you have three Pad Kontrols assigned directly to the instrument.
The midi IN device in the instrument allows you to control the instrument from a specific midi device, but it does not exclude the master midi in device from the midi preferences because these connect parallel across the specific defined device that you want to be connected to that instrument only (you reserve the external device exclusively → not the instrument )

I thought you also had your keyboard assigned to a specific instrument.

Actually, same device but 3 different scene-assignments each with its own MIDI channel. Also, I wouldn’t call it “the same” instrument, as each occupies a different slot. Or is the entire group of slots in the upper-right corner considered one instrument?

I think I see, basically its a fine point dealing with the relationship between instruments, tracks, and the defined master controller.

Not specifically, no. This whole thread came about because I noticed that I was hearing sounds without any specific assignment of the MIDI keyboard, and I wondered how that could be.

I do remember something at the beginning of the manual that speaks to the relationship between tracks and instruments. I’ll have to read that more closely!

Thanks for taking a look at things for me. Sometimes the devil really IS in the details :)/>/>