Having Alot Of Trouble Running Vst Plugins

Ok, what am I doing wrong?

using mac OSX

I put the instajungle.vst file in to the Homefolder/library/audio/plug-ins/VST folder and navigated to it under the configs> misc/VST> VST directories tab, just like it said in the tutorial. however, no VST inst. are found. nothing. Anyone have this same issue? anyone know how to resolve this? Insta jungle sounds cool and I would like to try it out.

any suggestions would be awesome.


G1antp15to1 :huh:

It is for MacOS X PPC, do you have that range of Mac OS?
It may also depend on the OS version you have but i think only Laurence can give you an answer to that. (He’s usually around the boards here from time to time)

I am running a mac pro intel MAC OS X 10.4.8

Remember, that it’s impossible to use VST plugins compiled for PPC on an Intel Mac. You need either a universal binary version, or the Intel version of the plugin.


I see, While this answers my question and stops me from thinking about it all the time, which is great, it sucks big time. does anyone know if there is a universal binary version of instajungle coming out soon or if there is a similar plug in for universal binary machines?



Generally, there are very few vst plugins for Intel-based Macs at the moment. Slowly, very slowly more are coming, but it won’t be soon till Intel Macs will have a similar choice of plugins as the old PPC based machines.

Whether there is a UB version of Instajungle coming out soon - ask the creator of that plugin.