Having different theme per song, is it possible?

i tend to hear music as colours and so would like to have Renoise themed per song.

launching a .xrnc file loads Renoise with the specified theme, but i haven’t managed to load a specific theme & song at the same time. I’m using linux, and have tried:

  • xdg-open & gvfs-open: only accept a single argument to it’s theme OR song
  • geo open: allows multiple arguments, but opens two instances of Renoise.

is it possible at all? I’m relatively new to Renoise, and happy to be pointed to “learn to script it”.

many thanks.

Yes, you can script it. The basic idea: Attach a theme file path to the tool_data. Use the load_theme method provided by the Renoise Application API, as well as the notifier for when a new song is loaded. Make sure to handle if the theme file doesn’t exist.

And of course there are some other things to consider, depending on how you want to lay everything out in terms of a ‘special save’ etc.