Having issues with mkdir and also rendering to files

Hey guys,

I’m stuck on a couple very basic issues with scripting:

  1. I need to make a new folder, but os.mkdir(“C:\Users\Public\testFolder”) doesnt work.
    It’s returning nil…as far as I can tell this is what the documentation says to do

  2. I’m trying to use renoise.song(): render() but I keep getting the error: ‘invalid render filename parameter. expected a non empty path and name, a valid file_name within an existing path’

I couldn’t find any preexisting scripts that do these things as a reference so hopefully someone can set me straight

dirr = "C:\Users\Public\test"


function rendering_done_callback()

filename = "C:\Users\Public\otherTest\testRender.wav"

options = {
  16 ,    
  'high',       }

renoise.song():render(options, filename, rendering_done_callback)

I don’t use Windows a lot myself so this is probably nothing, but the first thing I’d do:

I’d escape the ‘\’ characters in those path strings to:

dirr = "C:\\Users\\Public\\test"
filename = "C:\\Users\\Public\\otherTest\\testRender.wav"

Dude yes thank you! That solved the issue with mkdir and also getting a file to render

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