Having "NNA : Cut" selected by default when loading a new sample

Hello Trackerz! :smiley:

So, is it possible to have Cut selected by defaut.

thanks by advance!

NNA is another property of the sample that is not saved with the audio wave, but in the native instrument. It is a property of the sample slot, not the audio wave.

There are 2 methods of loading samples:

  1. Drag or load from the Renoise disk browser. It will generate a new empty sample slot and load in it each selected sample wave.
  2. Drag from the disk browser of the operating system. Here you will load the sample into the selected slot, without creating an empty sample slot.

Therefore, you can use the second option:

  1. Create an empty sample slot.
  2. Change your NNA to the desired value.
  3. Duplicate that empty sample slot. Each new sample slot will retain all the properties of the duplicate empty sample slot.
  4. Select an empty sample slot already duplicated.
  5. Use the second method to load your samples. This will not generate a new sample slot, but you will use the existing one, with the NNA (and other properties) already changed.

Thanks i already use the “copy sound method” but finaly i don’t really save clics…
It is a property of the sample slot : this is why i wondered if there was a hidden method to have cut selected by defaut in renoise…
anyway thanks again
and merry christmas :smiley:

You can almost always solve these things by building your LUA tools.

  1. Make a menu tool with a checkbox.
  2. This tool has a notifier that checks if the number of sample slots grows on the selected instrument.
  3. If so, have the function change the NNA to the desired value. This will only happen if the menu ckeckbox is activated and always in the last sample slot…

In fact, it could be more complete. Build a window tool that has the possibility to change several properties of the sample when loading. Each time the number of sample slots grows, that function that changes those properties will be executed, provided you have “a switch” activated.

thanks a lot for your so precise answer i will try it asap :slight_smile: