Having Problems With Latency

I adjusted my latency down to 1 millisecond with the ASIO drivers that came with my soundcard, but when I record anything, even a simple repetitive beat, the timing doesn’t record right and I have to adjust each note individually to get the right timing. I know my timing isn’t perfect, but I’m using the metronome, and it always sounds really off from what I was playing. Is it the type of connection I’m using? I just have a simple USB cable connecting my keyboard to the computer.

CPU: E8400 @3.5ghz
Sound card: X-Fi Xtreme Gamer
RAM : 3 GB
OS: Windows XP SP3
Renoise Version: 1.9.1
Input Device: E-MU Xboard 49

There is always some latency between different devices. Audio latency and MIDI latency.
You can turn the note-delay record on (toggle into -> ), this will record your note-timings that fall in between two rows to have at least a little higher timing precision during recording.

To be honest, running 1ms with a Creative card seems a bit very optimistic to me.

First make sure, that you have the audio creation mode enabled in the Creative audio console.

If you have the latest beta driver installed, it is buggy not remembering the sample rate correctly. Open the audio console and reset the settings to default, this fixes it for a while.

Aha a Creative card… I was already frowning my eyebrows when i read “XTreme Gamer” in the audio gear tag.
Though there is more required for good music production than just an audiocard who can play samples really fast.
Output latency will not guarantee you that FX/Instrument-plugins will obey the same speed laws.