having probs rendering to multiple wavs

Hi folks

I am having probs rendering a 13 track file to 13 WAV files.

The process just about starts and writes the first few bytes of tracks 1-4 then the process stops on track 5 (which is pure MIDI and is muted) - giving the error “Could not open a DestinationFile”

Any ideas?



no more HD space left?

Hmm… only about 32 Gb - it aint THAT big a render.

Still puzzled . . .


when rendering the song into multiple wav’s the tracknames will be the base for the filename for each wav. Maybe you used a letter that cannot be used as a filename in track 5`s trackname (/,.,?,: …) ?
Of course Renoise should check this before rendering and dump a more usefull message then :) I will fix this for the next release …

Hmm, just had a look - the track ir doesnt even attempt to render is the FOURTH one and its called “acid line” - no escaped chars or anything like that - yes it has a space but so do the 3 tracks preceeding it

Still no joy :(


And there is no tab behind the name ? Try to remove it completly …

I renamed all the tracks, just to “1”,“2”,“3”, etc.

Renders just fine now.


Thanks Taktik, you da man (as long as you fix the escaped chars in the next ver :P )


oh… and put a “Disable MIDI Thru” in the Config -> MIDI options :slight_smile: