Having the filter from renoise 2.8 in the last versions (3.4)


i believe everything is in the title
i used to do it in renoise 3.0 when the filter disappeard but i don’t remember how i was doing

thank you guys


Pretty much all of the older devices do still exist within newer versions of Renoise, purely for backwards compatibility reasons, but some of the older devices are technically not that great, which is why the decision is sometimes made to hide them if a newer device comes along to do a better job…

If you’ve got a song that was using the old Renoise 2.8 Filter device, and you load it into a newer version of Renoise 3.*, then Renoise will still load that older legacy DSP effect for you…

So from there you could actually save that old Filter device as a preset and then reload it into new songs, if that’s really what you prefer. (Or even copy/paste the device between multiple difference instances/versions of Renoise.)

There are a few forum posts discussing these old “deprecated” or “legacy” FX, such as:

( Edit: and of course the tool mentioned above by @slujr )

As I said, we typically only hide old stuff when a newer/better version comes along to fill the spot, but you can still find some sneaky way to use the old stuff if that’s really what you want (for whatever reason) :slight_smile:


love this comunity thanks guys!!

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I don’t understand why you think the new ringmod is better than the old one?
The old one has 1 extra shape and to me it seems to sound better somehow.

the old filter was able to cut under 0.2hz and was phasing the sound exactly how we need it in tekno to create the right offbeat, it was creating a little usefull bump that the new digital filter is not doing

Hi @dr_looney !
Could you please explain this phasing technique further? I also produce tekno music and am interested to learn how others are using Renoise to create it.