Having The Recorded Sample Run Without Triggering For Each Pattern

I’d like to be able to have the sample run at the correct place when i play the pattern, even if i’m not triggering it. i understand this doesn’t really make sense, but its frustrating having to find the right part of it to trigger for the beginning of each pattern, and even more frustrating having to listen to the whole song to hear the place of interest (i know you don’t have to do this, I’ve managed to find trigger points that fall on the beat and correspond with the sample at certain points further down the song).
What i mean is, how do i make the sample run like a block as with Audio Recording programs, is it even possible?

Maybe you should cut your sample to smaller pieces?

No we need 256 sample slice markers that can be used to slice a sample and the corresponding 9xx command to call each marker.
But for now, making your samples a little smaller is currently the best solution.