Having trouble wrapping my head around chords in the phrase editor

This is probably a really dumb question. I’ve been trying to improve my music theory knowledge and feel like I’m making some good progress. But what happens when I trigger a C minor chord in a phrase with lets say a D#4 instead of a C4? It sounds like a rave stab when I trigger it with different notes, but not sure what’s happening to the actual triad of notes. So, if I write a chord progression within the phrase editor in the C minor scale I should trigger it with a C note right? And would it be in a different key otherwise? I’m starting to think of it as like an already rendered chord loop sample that’s being pitch shifted? but not sure if that’s right.

That’s right.

if you want to use phrases for chords or arpeggios within a certain key or scale, select the key and scale in the instrument editor, here:
Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 8.32.00 AM
and all your notes input in the pattern editor (for a given phrase) will now be fit within that key and scale.

Otherwise, it will just transpose whatever the phrase is, totally agnostic to key/scale. Both behaviors have their utility :slight_smile:

Oh alright cool thanks!

Ah ok, I see now. Thanks! Love your videos btw learn a lot from them :+1:

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