Head Shot - Loving Breakcore To Death


This time i decided to try my hand at jungle/breakcore track. Lot of drums edit in it thanks to renoise slicing function :)

Hope you’ll like it!


I like the track but there’s something wrong with how the drums sound. Too much mid?

I was about to say the same thing, I like the edits and all but it seems the Amen is high pass filtered.

liked it best after the bass drop, maybe you can add some vocal samples and create more of a hook, something which sets this apart from similar tracks? :slight_smile:

Yeah second part is the best. I also feel drums are bit to high on freq. Yet in second part it sounds quite good.

Thank you for your advices!

I corrected settings frequency making drums sounds more natural while i keep dynamics effect.

I let you appreciate and don’t hesitate to give your opinion about it.

Consider it like a work in progress. I’m going to change some drum programming and adding new sounds to it.