Headphone users: When your earpads look like this

sennheiser_hd600_earpad_repalacment copy

…It’s time to replace them.

After waiting way too long I finally replaced the ear pads on my Sennheiser HD600. What a world of difference! Not only is it much more comfortable to wear, the sound quality also notably improved.

Years ago I had that same experience with my DT990 when I replaced those pad. Made so much difference. So if you’re ear pads are all gross and flattened out, replace them! It’s worth it.


Yeah, when the pads are soft the sound becomes muffled, the bass dull. You don’t really notice it coming because it happens so slow. Was considering this for a while now, your post finally got me to the store to get some new pads for my dt880 pro.

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Sennheiser pads are made with a strange material…broke with time


Yeah Sennheiser pads are very strange. If the headphones can take leather pads, getting some lambskin pads mean they’re comfortable and last a very long time.

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Alternative pads can be good but bear in mind they can affect how your headphones sound. I changed the pads on my Fostex T50RP to a different brand. Forget which ones, but found that “mod” over at head-fi.org. Got a wildly different bass sound out of it. Which I thought was an improvement.

@OopsIFly Good!