I have been looking at AKG 271 studio headphones, and judging by general reviews, they’re probably the best value for money. I’ve had several cheap sets in the past, but have always noticed the bass quality has always been lacking.
Is there better for the money, and would this bass problem be solved?
I understand only speakers can replicate the bass to it’s full effect, but I do get nagged after a few hours of repeating patterns over & over!

I have these headphones!

But I’m not a competent person to tell wether it’s sound is better then let’s say AKG K240, because these are my first professional headphones ever.

They certainly lack bass. Don’t try mixing your low-end part of arrangements using them, because you’ll get totally overbassed mix in the end. However, the frequency response is wide enough to hear any rumbling down there, and other frequency ranges (except for the bass) are played very transparent.

The fact that they turn off when taken from the head is quite cool. I’m using them plugged into my computer trough line-out all the time and I can just lower the volum in kX mixer when I need them. I always know that they’re not working when they’re not needed.

The biggest issue I have with them is that the pillows are too thin for my ears. After a few hours of work my ears start to hurt.

I’ve had a further look into the matter, and found a bargain pair of AKG 240 DFs for well under £70, which are apparently more suited to my needs, so it looks like I’ll be getting a pair of these to help resolve my ‘disturbing’ issues!

Glad you posted, as I was eager to hear from users on this brand.
Thanks DDspeed

ive got K240s and im really satisfied…


Are these good? I am forced use headphones because I moved to a home where the walls seem to be out of paper :)

I have an Audio Technica ATHM40fs for a while now, and I have no complaints.

They can be very inexpensive (less than $100) if you know where to look.


I have these ones, and been very happy whit them. Suggest you to test them.

Wow - these Ultrasone-Stuff is a little more expensive than I thought ;) 299 EUR is too much for me ;)

I just bought myself some HD25 goodness. My only complaint with them is they tend to pinch my overly large head, but they sound awesome, they look oldskool and could probably survive a trip though hell.

149 Euros from these guys

All professional headphones lack bass. I think you have to have decent headphone-amp to get the most out of them.

Anyway, if you can work in pretty quiet surroundigs, I fully recommend getting open type cups.

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Same headphones I’ve got. Initially got the for DJing, where the closed back is useful. Often people say a lot more precision and clarity can be gained with open back hedphones. They are good enough to be the industry standard for location sound recorders though, and they do the job for me :)

i own two cans currently.

  • Beyerdynamic DT-880
  • Pioneer HDJ-1000

i bought the DT-880’s after months of reading reviews and critics at head-fi.org forums and taking listening samples at various hi-fi retailers.
i personally had the chance to compare them with the Sennheiser HD-600, AKG Acoustics K 1000, Grado SR225 and some other cans not really worth the mention.
All of the above listed are good headphones, whereas the AKG K1000 stand out the crowd a bit, on the one hand for being absolutely ugly and on the other for outperforming the rest quality-wise (at a price of ~600EUR that is).

The DT-880 are imho the best sounding cans for up to 300 EUR, since none of the others featured such a huge, immersive soundstage and a very lively and energetic sound.
With their impedance of 250 ohms however, they need a good amp to be driven faithfully.
So if you have the chance, take your time and save some money before you buy some crap for one third of the price. you won’t regret it if you like really pleasant sound.

for more detailed reviews and comments on these cans, you might wanna check the head-fi.org forums.

The Pioneer HDJ-1000
I bought them after the DT-880 purchase, because when writing music, i usually experiment a lot a high volume, which sometimes causes noises at volumes and frequencies, i didn’t wanna punish the DT880’s with.
besides that, the DT880’s are of course NOT made for bass-intense techno and that’s exactly where the Pinoeers come into play.
i still couldn’t get them distort anything, no matter what signals i send to them… before they distort, you’re probably already deaf.
their bass is absolutely breath-taking for headphone standards and that’s truely where they start to shine compared to all hi-fi headphones which all try to make it sound “nice” not “bassy” ;)
being a dj-headphone for ~150 EUR, they are of course not comparable to some of the above mentioned hi-fi headphones, but still their sound is very okay. way less brilliant and resolutive than that of the DT880’s, but then again they seem to be indestructable… and that’s what i bought them for.

both headphones should be around for aprx. 150-200 EUR meanwhile, whereas the 880’s will always be a bit more pricey.
so whatever you do dope… please wait and save some money before you buy something.
even if you don’t consider buying any of the cans i suggested, please do yourself the favour and don’t get anything below the 100 EUR mark.

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I use Sony MDR-CD 480 something. I love them, because they have a nice bass which makes it easy to make fat tracks. they came about 55 €, but are not avaiable anymore. The only reason I say this is because you might check other Sony-Headphones out.

I rarely use headphones, but mostly I use Sony MDR-CD380, similar to the ones looza has.

They are pretty nice as much as I can tell. I also have some AKG K 55 at home, but the Sonys are better, IMO.

Anyway I’d also say if you can (aka no noise around) get some open back headphones. For the same price they will play better than closed ones and they will be easier to listen.

What are these?


I dunno, but I just wanted to say that my headphones (the sonys) are worn by jamiroquai in the “feels just like it should”-video (they are those big silver ones) … and if jay k wears them in a video, it gotta has to mean something. :D

the last reply was back in 2005 :slight_smile:

Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 250 ohm, look pretty good for the price.

There is an 80 ohm version as well…those may be better if you also sometimes use mobile devices like ipad/iphone, PSP or gameboy because the mobile devices cant power the ‘higher ohm headphones’ properly.

(ohm is a measurment of electrical resistance, impedance is measured in ohms)

I have these and i can confirm, they are actually very good for the price. They’re comfortable to wear with very large pads. They seem very sturdy and well built. To me the sound quality is great, they seem pretty balanced in the whole range and brings out details i can’t easily spot using my Rokit 5 monitors. I don’t have that much experience with hedphones as my previous ones has been lower quality non studio headphones, but at least compared to those i will say these feels and sound like very high quality and i have had them for 3 years or so and never regretted the purchase. Will probably not need a new studio set for many many years.