HeartBeatHero - Angels flying

Hope you guys like it.

Tell me what you think. :slight_smile:


Ola, Daniel.

At last!! Man! You did it!

Your music is modern, it is really now-music. And now you gave this track the phatness it truly deserves.

Chip tune is somewhat nice, but as I told you for “We got love” I was missing the “big thing” to happen.

But here you are now. Keep that stuff up!

What I was strongly missing is the vocal part. With some vocals on top of this, this track would strike

in all it’s power straight through the f***ing roof.

If they played this on the radio, nobody would doubt, it belongs there. Adding vocals, folks would ask

for the one who did this.




Yeah! First off, I’ll qualify this by saying that this is not the type of music that I would typically listen to. So, when I say that this is very well conceived, well executed, well produced, and enjoyable I hope you know much that means. Very nice work with the various transitions - no one element ever overpowers any other. Excellent mixing and tonality on this track. The only critique I would give is that the ending feels slightly abrupt.

I agree with Rene - vocals would be really excellent here. Not even words, necessary - just voice as an instrument. By no means NECESSARY but certainly think it’d add an extra emotional element.

Nice work m8!!!

@René and @TheCytha thanks for listening and commenting guys!

The comment about adding vocals is noted. I will sureley add it to my

list of future projects. :slight_smile:

Nice melodies and sound selection… sounds something between 80s and 90s (snare, piano, bass)… and melancholic… what I like :wink:

That piano is gorgeous. I can tell you’re working hard man. Always getting better!