HeartBeatHero - BrainKiller 2016 (hardcore/gabber)

20 years ago in 1996 I created the song called Brainkiller. Now 20 years later I revisit this song an rebuilt it from the ground up. Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I had fun listening to this track! Lots of variations can be found there. How much did you edit the original version and how old were you when you created the song? :slight_smile: I loved hardcore music so much as a child. Do you listen to brennan heart? :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening Honza.

For the original I only used the main sound.

The rest was rebuilt from the ground up.

I checked brennan heart out for the first time.

He makes some awesome stuff. :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening. I think this is the best review

I’ve had from you yet. :slight_smile: