HeartBeatHero - Chemicals (Electronic)

Hey Everybody,
New track out. Please have a listen and tell me what you think. :slight_smile:


A bit dry and it feels like a big opening it does not go anywhere. Maybe work on it so more adding some parts.

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I really like the sounds you used and the main riff, but I agree — a little variation would add a lot of interest. Maybe come up with another riff or two to alternate between. A song structure like A - B - A - C would keep the ear engaged for longer. Add a drop, a breakdown, a bridge section, more band tacets – anything to break up the repetition. Even switching between a few drum patterns or breakbeats could change up the feel in interesting ways.


Intro was great. I like the buildup, chaotic moment, then reeling it back in. This has a late night drive kind of feel. I like how the synth gets all chubby at the end too. I’d say add some more variation, or maybe just shorten it up a bit. Good job d00d.

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What I’m saying feels like I’m piling on to what the others have said already. But it is meant constructively.

The intro promises a lot and had me saying “oh yeah, here we go” out loud to myself. I don’t do that very often. So +1 for that for sure! Sadly, the rest of the track fails to deliver. And like stoiximan, I too feel it is a bit dry. But what I feel it lacks above all is a searing lead playing a catchy melody. You’ve got the sounds, you’ve got the power. Now tell a story with it.

Ted Curran @trueschool gave excellent suggestions. Let me add to that, don’t be afraid to switch gears. Change things up radically. In my not so humble opinion, if you skip around in a tune randomly and it sounds more or less the same at every spot… it needs more work still.

Hope these suggestions help. If you try them out please share the result.


Great feedback. Would anyone here be interested in remixing this track? I can post the stems if you like.

Yeaa !! coool !!!

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I’d give it a go. Never done that before but up for the challenge.

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Push the snare ! please …

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Here are the stems. Available for a week.

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How is the remix coming along? @NoiScale and @ID_Crisis

the file no longer exists … Sorry for the timing …

I like this track.
It has a good variation over time in sound timbre/color.
Love the bassy lead and how it modulates over time.
I would suggest you add a part where the bass synth is completely undermodulated with a low pass filter (and the lead too), to let that rise up.
Also, maybe having a part where the bass notes do all 8th/8ths and not have a break at the end like in the lead would make it even more groovy. (to let the bass do-ba-do-ba-do on and on)
I am also missing parts with a 1/2 beat open hihat and parts with a closed hihat steady on the 16th/s.
Also, there are no crash cymbal / noise breaks.

Still would love to see you work a little more on this track.

The mix/balance of sounds is already perfect.

Good job!

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What you maybe can also do, is try to map a low pass filter (envelope) to the bass / synth lead velocity, and variate that with accent strikes, and also put that to a LFO / automation lanes.

(low low low high middle) cuttoff variation over time

Sorry - I didn’t see your Dropbox link until it was too late.

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@NoiScale and @ID_Crisis Send me a direct message and I will send you a new link to the stems.

OK, messaged you via your website.

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@ID_Crisis which site did you use? I havent recieved any messages. Could you try again?

Thank you all for your feedback. So listening to all your feed back I made some changes. To the name aswel.
And I hope you all like the new version. It’s available on my new album on bandcamp.


aww IMO this new one is really better!
More punchy and more evolved, so good! :+1:

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