HeartBeatHero - Even Steven

Hey Guys,

Just released my track last week. Made in Renoise. And it’s blowin up!

Tell me what you think!

Daniel a.k.a. HeartBeatHero

Here is a start on the video:


The video cracked me up.Your song blew up cause you are doing a wonderful job my friend.Any news on any release from the label of the competition you won?I did not forget you want to remix my other song just has been a very tough past months. I will send you the song soon

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Yes, I think I still have to respond to his mail still. I’ve been realy busy. :slight_smile:

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this sounds sounds nice and the video its funny af nice job bro

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also @alien7 how can i get on your radio show :sweat_smile:

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  1. DM me on Soundcloud, Twitter, facebook or instagram.
  2. Send me a clip of you saying your artist name and your listening to heartbeathero radio.
  3. Make a great synthwave track!

Or do you just want to be on the podcast with your voice? What do you mean on the show?

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I’ll reach you when I. Make a solid tune :musical_note::musical_note::musical_note::heart::heart::heart:

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