HeartBeatHero - Nice to be in orbit

New track out.

Please have a listen en tell me what you think. :slight_smile:


It sounds like 1990s shoot-em’-up music. I like the breakdowns and, especially, the build-ups.

@Sam thanks for listening. :slight_smile:

I second the compliment on the song structure and the build ups.

But the mix seems a bit weak to my ears. It lacks punch somehow, and is centered a lot on the synth action, not on the drums and bass and making them hit hard enough. The low subbass adds great weight, but isn’t connected to a strong enough rhythmic punching sort of, I’d say in my uneducated words. Also with the synth action all around the stereo image, it come a bit too overcrowded at times so the focus on the driving elements is lost, and stuff that is supposed to give atmosphere in the background comes to the direct surface too much. This is for my personal taste, and IDK what this mix was geared at. If to be played side by side with other dnb tunes I’d try to revisit it and make it bang harder and bang through in a clearer fashion. Oh, and the bright snare, expecially with its rolls and such, I found it a bit annoying at times.

Love the ’ Orbit ’ track - super tight sequencing man ! nice arrangement too you keep the interest up throughout the tune , and totally digging that sequenced synth sound it’s infectious!