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Elektro with “Neurofunk” sauce

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Wow. Very nice! Cool video as well!

This is slightly different than “Take Me To Your Heart”. :laughing:
Nice Darksynth/Cyberpunk. My favorite part is from 1:00 to 1:41, I like its aggression. I wasn’t sure about the “Rave” part starting at 1:42 when I was listening for the first time, but it fits. I just had to listen twice to get used to it. It’s a little contrast to all the rest. Good one.

My favorite of your tracks is still “Rewind The Neon”, followed by “The Ozone Nightmare” without vocals.
I couldn’t find them on your Bandcamp, I would have bought them. Instead I found them on Soundcloud for free, so: Thanks! :+1:

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More of that please!

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:rofl:Love your remark about “Take me to your Heart” it definatly is a different flavor. haha!

Here are the bandcamp links

Thanks for your support!

And for anyone who is interessted I play part of it live here.