HeartBeatHero - Take me to your Heart

https://youtu.be/8Jdn6GW0i0Q Here is my new funky summer track created in renoise! Have a great day!


Great track man i heard it the other day and loved it.Happy and fresh.Did you sing it?

Yes, its me in the video. :blush:

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Great sound, cool composition. The refrain is out of tune sometimes, but the singer is very sympathetic and the text is a feel good text, so who cares?! Is that you? :sunglasses:
Ah, I see you answered already and it’s you. Cool thing! And the woman at the beginning is your wife? Congrats! :wink:

I also listened to a radio show of yours, and unexpectedly you had a few tracks there I didn’t know before, so thanks at this point for letting me know. I bought them. :grinning:

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Those are a lot of plus points thanks for watching the track! And listen to my radio show! Which tracks did you buy? I am curious which ones you liked?

I think it was this show and it was absolutely necessary to buy these two tracks after lilstening to them in your show:

Sheaf - Anything

Mantus - Maze Runner

Never heard of them before. But obviously there is alot more to listen to, I just need more time. :wink:
You’ve got some good stuff right there, and of course I also have to listen to all of your own stuff. If there’s something I like, you’ll receive my money for sure. And I guess there is some stuff I like, even if I prefer tracks without singing in case of Synthwave. If there’s some singing I would rather call it “Synthpop” (mosty - but there are some exceptions, for example some tracks from The Midnight), which is also cool and which I also would buy, but not that often like instrumental tracks.

I listened to your whole bandcamp stuff now, and this is clearly my favorite: