Heavyocity C-TOOLS: Capsule

Hey guys,

Figured I’d share this with you in the forum. C-TOOLS is fantastic.

Heavyocity C-TOOLS Capsule is definitely an ELITE ENSEMBLE. What makes an ensemble elite? Sound, Design, Features, Innovation, and Support but check out the video to learn why Capsula is one of the best Reaktor Player ensembles for 1970s and 1980s drums!

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thanks for this ELITE advertisement.

It isn’t an advertisement? People who use Renoise also use Reaktor yes? What’s your prob, bob :slight_smile:

Don’t like caps? I can appreciate how you might think it’s advertising, but I am a user of renoise, know many people here, etc.

Appreciate you defending the forum and understand.

Don’t watch it if you disagree?