(tomgeewillicker) #1

Hello - I’m new around here. happy.png
I recently rediscovered Renoiseand purchased a legit copy. Hoping to get my head back into the game of music making. I had a lot of fun with it a few years ago, but am going to learn it inside and out, though I achieved some interesting results with just messing about.

Hoping to re-visit an old project, and churn out something similar. Have a listen if you like. Kind of downbeat industrial / lofielectro doom, I guess.



Anyway, just saying hello!


(danoise) #2

Hi - and welcome (back)

I hope your transition back into tracking mode will be mostly painless!

PS: I would probably start with something new before revisiting old ideas. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

(HeartBeatHero) #3

Missing a lot of clarity. A lot of noise is covering the rest. I like the beats. But they seam drowned out by the noise.

(img%) #4

i like this,continue!!