… but after all i got myself some proper equipment at home :yeah: … finaly.
best thing me bought ever! get some stuidio monitors if you can … massive difference to what i had before, this creepy hifi stereo :wacko:

so i’m remastering my old crap and maybe this time it wont be overdriven at low freq. and what not, not that i’m good at it at all lol :)

check out this new tune, short but oldschool :

-> right (rB) renoise

-> right (rB) direct

left is gonna be more chilled out :P

i moved all my old stereo mp3, cleaned up those renoise links though and reupload the old remastered versions. … so far.

-> 3 monkey and a chicken (2008) renoise
-> spiral (rF) renoise
-> trinity (rF) renoise

-> 3 monkey and a chicken (2008) direct
-> spiral (rF) direct
-> trinity (rF) direct



updated spiral (rE) to rF.

3 monkey and a chicken rocks, awesome. :)

:) … renoise on weed :panic:

… reuploaded right (rB).mp3 … yea i forgot the snare in the last render. :wacko: … if you downloaded it. meh

Another great one, basil! It could well use a few more minutes, though.

Been waiting anxiously for more from you. Congrratulations on the monitors.

realy? ty ty :) … didn’t though ppl will like to listen to gabber for longer then 1:30 lol, but a few told me to extend it … yep. gonna upload a ext’ version.

added two mp3 files …
the extended “right” version, not much changed. longer, but not that much “repeated”.

-> right (rB ext) renoise

-> right (rB ext) direct

and the “left” song, its actualy the same .xrns with the same sound setup.
same instruments but used in a different way. i made “left” first so thats where it comes from :)

its not finished yet, i think i’ll merge both into one … somehow.

-> left (rB) (unfinished) renoise

-> left (rB) (unfinished) direct

what do you think guys ?

I really like all the songs you uploaded on here. Great job!

Yeah I really enjoyed them too.

3 monkey and a chicken is super groovy, refreshing and fun :D

cheers guys :)

i’ve uploaded another rerecorded track. changed it a little and replaced the old synth bass with my e-bass. recorded with the line-in device within renoise.

-> old monkey and a lemon (rG) renoise

-> old monkey and a lemon (rG) direct

let me know what you think.

I also realy appreciate, when you guys use some kind of EQ while listening, how you change frequencies to get yourself a suitable sound… to any of my tracks! i’ve a hard time to get the sound right and this would help alot :unsure:


Mixing is much better. A little overcompression on the mastering though. Not a bad tune, though the gabba stuff isn’t my thing.