Held Me Iam A Noob With Tools

Hi Community. Ich habe bought my lizens since one week. Installing Renoise was o problem. But no my problem hab can i install the Renoise Phase Generator maybe. I had no plan. I unpack the Zip file and now i dont know what to to with these files. Can anybody held me with this problem. I had a MacBook.

RENOISE is the best Program i habe ever had and it is exat this i was searching sooooo long und the price is unbeliveble. So mucho thanks to the hole Renoise Crew and the support. Please dont give up with yout excelent work. All ohter proramm like Ableton live Locig Cubuse i hate this progs because they rob my creativity but renoise it sprudel so out of my mind. TRACKER will be the future. SO go on in development.

Specials thanks to this secret socity here your SPI

perhaps du kanst frage deine questions in Deutch?

Ich denke, das RPG was developed with AutoHotkey, a program for Windows?

This is giving me a headache. I can’t speak Dutch, and this seems to be a Dutch-English hybrid. If this is an in-joke, it’s time I knew. ;)

EDIT: It looks like you opened the file and can’t figure out how to install it. Try opening Renoise, and dragging the .XRNS file onto the Renoise window.


The Renoise Phase Generator is not a “Renoise Tool.”

The short version, download tools from here: Browse all Tools | Renoise

The long version, Renoise Phase Generator is a stand alone app that works in conjunction with Renoise. Specifically, RPG won’t work on a Mac because it’s a Windows only program. On that note, the 3rd party app page should probably be renamed without the word “Tools” to avoid confusion.

It’s German, not Dutch.