Helios (Evoke 2012 Cut)

Dear fellow Renoisers,

here’s a link to my entry for the Evoke 2012 music compo:

Hope you like it :)


Erik / Cyrex ^ Inque

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must be the gathering of the deaf-mutes… ;)

concerning the track, you already know my opinion ! :)

i expressed my feelings on soundcloud @1.30 ;)

Thanks a lot guys! :)

You also got feedback from me friday night at Evoke when we had the very awesome beer meeting by K303´s car! We should make that a tradition. The real party is by Klaus´s car! :)
Anyhow, really excellent track!

Klaus #2

That was definitely an excellent meeting. One more vote for making that a tradition! ;)

Oh btw Klaus #2: do you have any more collaborations with Marthe in the planning? You guys are pulling off some great musical feats together :)

Yes indeed! We are working on another EP… but these things takes time. Perhaps we are done end of the year or so :) Cheers!

i like the track very much. it reminds me of the theme (science is fun) from the game “portal 2” and the end titles of the movie “tron legacy”.

cool future electronix!

grx: d.

Nice track! It’s good to finally listen to a track here on Renoise forum that doesn’t sound like a pile of digested food. Love it!! :D


Very decent as usual. Favorited. <3

Thanks ptrance! :)

Good oldschool track :) very nice electronic stuff reminds me my friends track ;) thumbs up :)

The influences are tasty and combos of modulation just make my brain reach out & grab onto it; you say you got a guitar planned for this one? I’m waiting, salivating with anticipation :dribble: