Hell on the Homefront [Rap Instrumental]

Hey guys! Its me again. Here’s a new track I produced over the last couple of days in my spare times. Where to start? Well when i first started making this beat i was very much still inspired by the sources that inspired my last track, but as i started to progress further than two bars of sound designing I decided to lighten the tone a little bit and go for a brighter tune than before. Though i must say this is not a cloud rap instrumental at all. Again I decided to mix elements of trap and other hardcore rap styles with my own sonic edge I’m trying to make, blending analogue recordings from Mellotron based VST’s with LoFi’d synthesizers and robotic filtering. I really took the few comments i’ve gotten on the forums seriously, and tried my damnedest to really separate these sounds and give them there own place in the sound spectrum along with trying bring out the qualities I admire from them. I really hope you guys enjoy and criticize! Tell me what you think i could do better! Only about 2- 3 more songs and I’ll be releasing a free album for everyone here. Thank you guys so much!

Stay rare
-Der Metzger