Helllllp Meeeee, .xrni Instruments.... They Won't Work!

Hey been using renoise for the past couple of months and just bought it… AMAZING! :walkman: :dribble:

As with everyone i’ve had a few problems but manged to solve them by looking around… however can’t solve this one!
When i download instruments from www.loopproject.com they come zipped… i unzip them but they just come out as folders with a .xrni ending… if that makes any sense…

Has anybody had this sort of problem or think of a workaround?

a noob in need…

Simply rename the .zip, change it into .xrni and it’ll work :D Good luck, have phun!

i feel stupid… its already called .xrni with no .zip after it…

XRNI file are actually renamed standard ZIP files. maybe it’s because of this that your operating system recognizes and treates them as ZIP files. no worry, though,: just open Renoise and use the disk operation window to load them into Renoise.

it doesn’t appear on the disk browser… the file does come up however if i extract it… but then the samples are seperate and i don’t know which keys/notes to assign them to

have you switched disk op to “sample” or “instrument”?

didn’t think it made a difference?

samples are the standard audio files (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3, OGG, RAW are supported), while the instruments (XI, RNI and XRNI) are sample containers: they may contain more than one sample, and also contain lots of other information (envelopes, VST/AU/MIDI info, samples mapping, and so on)

Instruments only shows (x)rni-files, Samples shows only .wav, .flac, .aiff, etc…


picture paints 1000 words

not very good with computers so wasn’t sure how to do a direct img

thanks loads for the help